Early Morning Method Musings

I had been preparing a post about my approach to BDSM in subtle, but logical and semantic terms, however this morning prompted some actions forthwith. Having to wake up at the ass crack of dawn’s ass crack, enables one to have a fair amount of time to be like Winnie the Pooh and tap our noggins and “think, think, think.”

On this particular morning, a few “somethings” had slipped into my mind and rattled around for a bit. One I will save for a later date and further scrutiny. The other I wanted to think about on here.


Over the time frame that is the sum of experiences a BDSM practitioner, or “kinkster” if you will, would have, there are bound to be certain patterns, rituals, habits, customs, and many other myriad of descriptive words for ways in which that person can find comfort in doing something. One of these potentially descriptive words is “method.” One could be described as having a method to their madness. A certain approach to things. However, we have to keep careful mind of what this method is being applied to.

I come to this point thinking of different actions. An artfully wielded flogger may be flung methodically to cover a willing subbie’s supple body. Wax droplets can be spread over more surface area without overlap if some marked methodology is followed. Shit, even potatoes can be peeled quicker and more effectively if particular patterns and specific equipment used in the method put into the preparation practice.

Any BDSM dynamic, is just that… dynamic. They are living breathing things. Whether involving just two people in a monogamous relationship, or twenty people in a polyphilic pronouncement of love and pleasure. They may have a set standards and stipulated circumstances. Or they can be as loosey-goosey as a Woodstock audience member. However, both these kinds, as well as all the delicious flavors in between, do share one over-encompassing similarity. The same similarity as any relationship type shares- including but not limited to: platonic friendship, business world professional, teacher and pupil, familial, etc.

Relationships, and in our contexts-BDSM dynamics- cannot be given the “methodology treatment.” Because of their ever changing, growing, mercurial status, dynamics are inherently not equations that have specific inputs and outputs. Granted, certain approaches can have relatively easily guessed outcomes (e.g. making only meat dishes for your vegan partner will most likely cause mealtime angst and anger). But overall, these complex and deep interpersonal connections are not “plug and chug.”

What works for you and your lovely partner, will not work for me and mine. and vice versa. Over time, there may be things one can figured out to allow things to run smoothly, but that method to obtain relational bliss should not be assumed to work for everyone and every relationship.

Apprach each relationship as it should be: unique and special. Even if that is strictly for one night; or even less, one scene. Come at it all fresh, and willing to be just as able to adapt as the dynamic, relationship, power exchange, partnership, property agreement, ownership contract, etc. itself is.

By all means, apply your pre-contrived methods to things you do in each dynamic as a way of testing what will work, but do not apply a method to having the dynamic to begin with and assume everything will be coming up roses- or if it’s your fancy, rosy ass cheeks.


The Overly Semantic Spanker

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A Warm Welcome

Greetings! Salutations! Hello! Mambo vipi?!

So here we are at the very first post…

One of those somewhat awkward introductory posts that, in hopes, enables anyone interested to get a better idea of who I am. Additionally hoping that it entices people to keep on reading and staying with me. With that, though, I suppose said introduction would be an apt inclusion.

My name is David. Over the years I have been referred to as many names: Bug Boy, John Lennon, Old Man, Sir David, Spider Dave, “Spider Man,” The Funkmaster, and here and there the informal “philosphe.” However, here in this little slice of the interwebs, you can all know me as The Overly Semantic Spanker. 

We will touch on a few of those names over time as I am sure interests will be piqued at them. For now a little of my history.

I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago in a very close family. From an early age I was brought up to be respectful at all times, as gentlemanly as possible, caring to a fault, and kind as can be. All in all I was raised to be that one nice guy. Hell in high school I was that “designated safe guy friend” to a number of girls; recalling that for one such friend, I was the only guy her boyfriend would allow her to spend time with if he was not there. I did not have my first kiss until I was 15. My safe guy status followed me into college where I was the chaperon to many a drunken buddy,both guy and girl. Culminating in my senior year of undergrad, being the head of security for my fraternity.

My main area of focus is science. I have been a fervent fan of biological sciences since I was in first grade and have a penchant for the creepy crawly. It is through my endeavors into studying arachnids, that I have traveled across the country and lived in a few varying places. As well, I pride myself in being a Renaissance man, of sorts.

But now to the juicy stuff….

I have been interested in BDSM and its concurrent Lifestyle since about 2007 while in undergraduate school. I started off on my own  with regards to learning about what exactly the world of kink had in store. So much of my early years of being kinky was more spent learning, viewing, listening, and thinking about kink, than putting it into practice. However, I came into my own during my master’s degree work, and found myself the leader of a BDSM community group for almost 4 years.

Generally speaking you often hear people falling into certain roles within the realm of kink because they’ve always been that way. At the same time, you generally also hear the exact opposite view, that many people enjoy the contrasting role within kink, than that which they exhibit in the rest of their daily lives. I have met people who could be described as both. I, fit snuggle into the latter group.

I am the sort of person who will bend over backwards for guests in my home. I hold doors open for most anyone. I offer my seat on the bus or train to any lady left standing. As earlier stated, I will do anything I can to help those I care about be happy and ensure their well being.

In the bedroom, my tastes switch. I am fiercely Dominant, and get extremely turned on by the submission of a beautiful woman. I’ve been called, as a compliment of course, “one hell of a sadistic bastard.” Made me smile to hear that, as I recalled watching- in absurdly aroused bliss- porn films that involved such things as stapling a woman’s pussy lips together or even using 3 inch nails to nail another woman’s breasts to a wooden board.

But more than anything, I love the subtle nuances that can be found within a “BDSM oriented relationship.” I use this term for now until a future post when we can explore the idea of that.

Anyway… trying to put the thoughts of tit torture aside… we come to this here blog. I like to consider myself a thoughtful person. I am enthralled by the theories and philosophies behind what “the Community” calls “kink.” However, no good philosopher worth his weight in good ideas, if they do not work to share their thoughts and co-philosophize with those that are interested in the questions they seek to answer.

So here we are. Me testing the worth of my weight… so to speak. Let me thank you graciously for stopping by and I hope you stick around. It’s going to get pretty thick soon enough.


The Overly Semantic Spanker


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