About Yours Truly

About Yours Truly

I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago in a very close family. From an early age I was brought up to be respectful at all times, as gentlemanly as possible, caring to a fault, and kind as can be. All in all I was raised to be that one nice guy. Hell in high school I was that “designated safe guy friend” to a number of girls; recalling that for one such friend, I was the only guy her boyfriend would allow her to spend time with if he was not there. I did not have my first kiss until I was 15. My safe guy status followed me into college where I was the chaperon to many a drunken buddy,both guy and girl. Culminating in my senior year of undergrad, being the head of security for my fraternity.

My main area of focus is science. I have been a fervent fan of biological sciences since I was in first grade and have a penchant for the creepy crawly. It is through my endeavors into studying arachnids, that I have traveled across the country and lived in a few varying places (including Texas and Colorado)

As well, I pride myself in being a Renaissance man, of sorts. I play saxophone and ukulele. I write poetry and short stories. I both knit and crochet (in fact I am currently employed at a yearn shop). I know how to fence; with foil and saber being my favorites. I know how to cook. Took part in both choir and theatre, while also being a captain of the track and field team- throwing discus, javelin, and running the short sprints. I have a pet salamander and skink. And went a bit native while in Texas, in securing myself a Chevy pick-up truck and a few guns.

I am sure there is more that I am missing, but for now we shall leave it at that. Hope to see you around!


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